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Washington Naval Conference

USS Salt Lake City.jpg

Washington Naval Conference

Washington Naval Conference

Washington (Disarmament) Naval Treaty (1922)

After World War I, many people were tired of war and arms races. The United States called for a conference to explore possibility of a disarmament treaty among nations. The conference was held outside auspices of the League of Nations. Nine nations attended: United States, Japan, China, France, Britain, Italy, Belgium, Nether-lands, Portugal. The resulting agreement effectively limited construction of new battleships and slowed the pace of arms races. The agreement was for a period of 14 years and was registered with the League of Nations. During WWI, Japan was an ally of Britain. The treaty granted Japan concessions on its control over parts of China and acknowledged its position as a Naval power in the western Pacific. Women were given the right to vote in 1920 in the United States. Some say that women suffrage contributed to the anti-war movement throughout the Western world.

New York Shipyard post World War I

In the post war period, NY Ship had orders for 4 Navy ships: 


USS Idaho BB 42 – Ordered in 1915 before signing the treaty.  Complete in 1919. Shown off Okinawa 1945.

USS Idaho.jpg

USS Saratoga (CV3) – Ordered as a battle cruiser in 1917. As a results of the treaty, converted to an aircraft carrier in 1922. 888 feet long, one of Navy’s first air craft carriers.

USS Saratoga.jpg
USS Colorado.jpg
USS Washington.jpg

USS Colorado BB 45 – Ordered in 1916, commissioned 1923. Sister ship to USS Washington (right), ordered in 1919, order cancelled in 1922 when about 76% complete. The hull was sunk as a target 1924.

London Naval Treaty of 1930

In the 1930’s there was still an arms race. No more battleships but the race took the form of building heavy cruisers and submarines. In early 1930, nations remained suspicious of each other. The London Naval Treaty of 1930 was created to limit further the number of submarines and size of guns. The USS Salt Lake City, ordered in 1926 as a light cruiser (CL25 designation) with 8 inch guns. Because of the size of guns, its designation was changed to CA25 (heavy cruiser).

USS Salt Lake City.jpg

USS Salt Lake City (CA 25) 1929


Japanese battleship Tosa, cancelled in 1922 then used in ordinance tests. Sunk in 1925

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