Maritime Hall

Maritime Hall provides visitors an opportunity to explore the rich history of shipbuilding in the City of Camden.  Featuring many historic shipyard photos as well as select artifacts from the New York Shipbuilding Corp, the exhibit shows how "New York Ship" dominated industry and employment in the region throughout the decades, and played a significant role in building our country's naval might.

Matthew Henson Artic Explorer Room and Community Gallery

Matthew Henson was not only the first African-American Artic explorer, but he also had an interesting connection to the City of Camden and the historic church building which is now home to the Camden Shipyard & Maritime Museum.  Our exhibit includes details of Henson's connection to Camden, historical recounts of his life and artic adventures, and a supersized sculpture by renowned artist John Giannotti.

Shipyard Worker House Exhibit

The story of the shipyard worker has remained largely untold until now.  Thousands of shipyard workers honed their crafts as machinists, carpenters, welders, painters, and more, but at the end of the work day, they  returned to their neighborhoods in and around Camden.  This exhibit focuses on the home life of the average shipyard worker and the impact of having a shipyard job on the shipyard worker's lives and families.


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