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The Camden Shipyard and Maritime Museum has several collections in our Camden location. Below you can find some of our online exhibits to learn more about the rich maritime history of the Camden and Delaware River area.

J.M. Guffey (1902).jpg


Over the years, hundreds of ships have been built in the Camden Delaware River area. Learn more about the early ship, passenger liners, and cargo liners to the myriad of ships built for and requisitioned for service in World War I, World War II, and later conflicts.


Learn the history of the many shipyards that produced everything from passenger ships to Navy destroyers in the Camden area. Some notable shipyards include: Hog Island, New York Shipyard, and the Philadelphia Navy Yard.

New York Shipyard.jpg
USS Alligator.jpg

Steam Engines

The development of the steam engine revolutionized industry in the 1700’s. Learn more about the development of steam engines, the science behind them, and their use to power steamboats, paddle-wheels, and ships.

Ship Sinkings and Other Issues

Discover some of the sinkings and disasters that plagued the ships to come out of the Camden Delaware River area such as the Polanica fire, El Faro & Marine Electric sinkings, and the fate of the Merchant Marine and Reserve Fleets in WWII.

NY Shipbuilding Co. Timeline.png


Visit the interactive timeline of the New York Ship Yard developed in partnership with New York Shipbuilding Corporation, Holtec International, and the Camden County Historical Society.

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