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Mathis Shipbuilding

Mathis - Trumpy Yacht

Mathis Shipbuilding

Mathis - Trumpy Yacht

Mathis Shipyard, Mathis-Trumpy Yachts

At Coopers Point, Camden NJ, across the Delaware River from where Cramps Shipyard, Philadelphia was located (1830-1927), there was a shipyard. The shipyard had various owners since about 1855, mostly in partnership with John Mathis. By the turn of the century (1900), it was called John H Mathis and Company shipbuilders. They produced wooden hull vessels up to WWI then added steel hulls to its production capabilities.


John H Mathis & Co Ship Yard, Coppers Point, Camden NJ, north of Ben Franklin Bridge in background


Two ships produced by Mathis Co. in WWII. USS Teak net tender and net layer, Cargo ship USS FS-177. The cargo ship was used in the movie Mr. Roberts.


In 1909, Mathis Shipyard created a subsidiary called Mathis Yacht that was located adjacent to the Mathis facilities. In 1910 John Trumpy was hired as yacht designer. On the death of John Mathis in 1939, John Trumpy became the sole owner of Mathis Yachts which he renamed in 1942 to Trumpy and Sons Yachts. He also moved operations to Gloucester City NJ to free up space for Mathis Shipyard to build ships for WWII. After WWII, Trumpy moved his yacht building operation to Annapolis Maryland (now a Charthouse Restaurant).  Both Trumpy Yachts and Mathis Shipbuilding produced ships for the US Navy during WWII. 


Three Mathis-Trumpy yachts restored for the McMillian Yacht company


Mathis-Trumpy yacht-  Lady

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